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Jashn basmati, a flagship brand of Jashn Foods, has pioneered the milling & processing of high-quality basmati rice in India. The company is committed to delivering the finest basmati rice in the mid-price segment that features long and slender grains—ideal for both day-to-day cooking and special meal. The rice offers a rich taste with a tempting aroma.
Be it a dish for a special occasion or everyday meal, amp up the taste in all of your meals with Jashn basmati rice! Its fragrance-rich taste is sure to satiate your soul.

Why Jashn basmati rice

Authenticity Promised

Authenticity Promised

We ensure authenticity with every rice grain— right from the paddy field to your plate.

Jashnfoods Secure Payment

Secure Payment

Stay assured of optimal safety & security while making a payment on our site.

Friendly Support

Whenever you need help, get in touch with our customer support.

Jashnfoods Consistent Quality

Optimal Transparency

We provide transparency at every step — right from production to delivery.

Jashn Brand

You can pick from varieties of rice available in the 1kg pack.

Elevate the taste with every meal

The easy prep process lets you cook any dish of your choice in just a few minutes. So toss your favorite veggies in our basmati rice and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal to bring a little celebration into your everyday meal. What makes it more compelling is the packaging that comes in easy-to-carry bags and easily fits in your pantry. We provide you with the best rice ready-to-accompany any dish in minutes. So get ready to cook and enjoy your favorite meals with your loved ones.


Boost the flavor of your next meal with one of our tasty, healthy, and nutritious recipes.


Do you want to know what customers think about us? Keep reading —

Jashn customer Nishant Vyas

I wanted to buy rice in bulk for my own company and was looking for a good GST brand. Luckily, I came across Jashn and enquired about it. I got quick support and found their products to be better and of good quality.

Saurabh (Ghaziabad)

Jashn customer Pavitra Singh

When you think of buying good GST brand rice, Jashn is the name to consider. Now, I can make delicious meals every day! A must-buy for every household out there.

Radhika (Ujjain)

Jashn customer Anirush Nair

Be it quality or quantity, Jashn basmati rice is just amazing. Loved Jashn’s aromatic slender grains. I would like to buy more in this packaging.

Aadil (Hyderabad)

Jashn customer Anaida Bhatt

When it comes to small-pack rice like 1kg, Jashn is the name that I would like to go with. Quality and packaging both are just awesome. Everyone in my family enjoyed the taste and fragrance.

Sameera (Goa)


Over the years, we have found that the most efficient means of ordering our brand is through the online medium. You can browse through our website and buy our basmati rice as per your needs. With online services, we can provide customers with elevated support.
Yes, you can place your order for our basmati rice in bulk.
Yes, Jashn rice is gluten-free. Actually, plain rice is gluten-free, whether it’s white, brown, long, medium, or short grain. You can use rice in many ways to make gluten-free meals, desserts, and snacks.