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Rozana Royal

Jashn E Rasoi Rozana Royal rice features long and slender grains perfect for an everyday aromatic treat. It’s milled for everyday use and has great taste, flavour, and aroma.
  • Long, Slender Grain Long, Slender Grain
  • Naturally aged Naturally aged
  • Fit for daily consumption Fit for daily consumption
  • Rich taste and aroma Rich taste and aroma

About this item

  • Milled for daily consumption
  • Slender and long grains
  • Fluffy and soft texture
  • Naturally aged

Product Description

Jashn E Rasoi Rozana Royal rice is milled for daily consumption. It’s perfect for everyday rice recipes.

Product Information Technical Details

Speciality Suitable for Vegeterian
Brand Jashn Foods
Item Weight 10000/30000 Grams
Package Information Bag
Variety Basmati
Region of Origin India
Product Dimension 26.7 x 12.3 x 5.7 cm; 10Kg & 30Kg
Manufacturer Savannah Consumer Product Pvt. Ltd


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