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Super Tibar

Jashn E Rasoi Super Tiber rice is naturally aged under perfect conditions. Its natural aroma, taste, and flavour are sure to satiate your taste buds on any occasion.
  • Full grain Full grain
  • Naturally aged Naturally aged
  • Delightful taste Delightful taste
  • Rich in aroma Rich in aroma

About this item

  • Full basmati rice grain
  • Slender and long grains
  • Great taste and aroma
  • Perfect for everyday consumption

Product Description

Jashn E Rasoi Super Tibar rice is grown under natural conditions, ensuring a rich aroma and taste. You can make delightful recipes for a flavourful meal experience.

Product Information Technical Details

Speciality Suitable for Vegeterian
Brand Jashn Foods
Item Weight 10000/30000 Grams
Package Information Bag
Variety Basmati
Region of Origin India
Product Dimension 26.7 x 12.3 x 5.7 cm; 10/30 kilograms
Manufacturer Savannah Consumer Product Pvt. Ltd

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
nikhil ranjan
Perfect for special occasions, You will love it

I purchased this rice for a family celebration. I have always heard my friends and other family members buy it, but this was the first time I bought it myself. As expected, it is a high quality rice. The grains are thin and long. It's best for making biryani. The taste and aroma both are very good. I didn't feel any problem with water quantity required as it doesn't get wet or dry with change in water quantity. I loved it. Great product....!!! You must go for it.

Umang Patel
Good Quality Rice!

It is a good quality rice and jashn gave a fantastic offer. Will purchase this again.

Aarav Sharma
Aromatic Excellence: Basmati Rice Delights the Palate

Basmati rice: Delicately fragrant, long-grain rice prized for its aromatic flavor and fluffy texture.

Rajesh Patel
Exquisite Basmati Rice: A Culinary Delight

eliciously aromatic Basmati rice, with long grains that cook up fluffy and fragrant every time. Perfect for enhancing any meal with its subtle nutty flavor and delicate texture.

Anjali Deshmukh
Jashan Rice at good quality

Jashan Rice A culinary delight that delivers exceptional quality and taste in every grain. A must-have for every rice lover!

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