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Punjab Biryani Special XXXL

Jashn E Rasoi Punjab Biryani Special XXXL (Steamed) rice features long, slender, and lustrous grains perfect for making flavourful biryani or other recipes on any occasion. Upon cooking, it becomes fluffier and softer in texture.
  • Long, slender grain Long, slender grain
  • White in colour White in colour
  • Great Taste Great Taste
  • Soft & fluffy Soft & fluffy

About this item

  • Rich in natural aroma
  • Slender and long grains
  • Fluffy and soft texture
  • Great taste and flavour

Product Description

Jashn E Rasoi Punjab Biryani Special XXXL (Steamed) Rice is perfect for making lip-smacking recipes like biryani, pulav, and more. Its white colour gels well with other ingredients for an impressive presentation. Further, its authentic flavour adds to its taste.

Product Information Technical Details

Speciality Suitable for Vegeterian
Brand Jashn Foods
Item Weight 10000 grams
Package Information Bag
Variety Basmati
Region of Origin India
Product Dimension 26.7 x 12.3 x 5.7 cm; 10/30 kilograms
Manufacturer Savannah Consumer Product Pvt. Ltd


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