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Jashn- A Treasure Trove of Pure, Aromatic, and Premium Quality Rice

Our Story

Do you relish lentils – the Indian style? Crazy about Sushi, Thai Curry, or Mediterranean food? Love Indian curries or Biryani? Do you have that obsession for chicken or mutton or fish curries? Well, then you must admit that you love rice in one form or another. Yes, what makes all these dishes so tempting (well, I am no food expert, but definitely a foodie) is their combination with rice. It is so versatile that it can gel up with almost any kind of cuisine, be it Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, or the western platters; all have rice as one of their main items on the menu. Eureka!!!! A Discovery of an Idea A bright Sunday at home while enjoying our favorite kidney beans with rice, we struck a conversation on how its mild taste adjusts to so many flavors across the world. Hence, the inception of this idea to provide not just rice but ensuring the premium quality reaches everyone to enjoy that special brunch with family and friends.

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Celebration of Taste and Passion for Rice
Jashn Foods is an effort to bring exotic flavors from paddy to plate. The perfect rice that we produce for you is an exemplification of our love and energy. We understand that the rice is the staple you can't get enough of; that's why we look after every grain thoroughly to ensure optimum quality, flavor, and aroma. For us, rice is an ultimate passion that we deliver sourcing from indigenous resources. It not only gratifies your craving but also introduces you to different cultures. The amalgamation of the latest technology with a century-old way of cultivation empowers us to enhance the way you relish rice. We strongly believe in an earth-friendly process to help you enjoy the authentic flavors with a great sense of satisfaction. So relish a delightful, soul-satisfying, paddy to plate flavor journey with Jashn Basmati Rice!

Our Mission

What shapes our TODAY and prepares us for our TOMORROW

Our vision is to make Jashn Foods the best and most trusted rice brand in the world. Every day we strive to deliver the best to our customers and develop leadership in core markets.

We are on a mission to bring joy and pleasure to your palates by offering flavorful and turn every moment into a tantalizing ceremony. Embracing life in its authentic flavors is what motivates us to bring only the authentic basmati rice hard to find anywhere else.

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Our Core Values.

How we conduct our business is just as important as what we do. Whatever we do, we do it with full passion. We are a values-driven company and take pride in our core values that are the foundation for everything we do. The backbone of our brand is and will always be the commitment to these core values that we live every day. That’s what defines us and makes us unique.

Authenticity Promised


Jashn Foods focuses on quality in all aspects of its operations. We follow and adhere to rigorous standards to provide high value products and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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We work hard to earn trust and place our trust in the people we work with because building trust builds a better company.

Jashnfoods Assured Quality


We’re transparent, honest, and committed to act responsibly. We believe in open and clear communication and sharing information about company goals, decisions, and strategies with our stakeholders. Our products and company culture are built on these principles.

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We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and results. We take ownership in whatever we do and deliver. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes, rather, we use them as an opportunity to learn and improve.

These core values are of utmost importance to our company because they help us grow and develop.

Meet Our Team

Meet The Doers: Our Team At Jashn Foods

Let’s admit it. Great people make great work!
Meet our team of highly skilled professionals that help us stand out and become successful.

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