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7 Bengali Foods That You Must Try

West Bengal, the cultural capital of India, is also famous for its delicious cuisine. We have rounded up a list of seven Bengali foods that you must try while visiting this state in eastern India. 

These delicious foods reflect the traditional side of Bengal. Each cuisine tells a different story behind its consumption. 

Let’s see which famous Bengali food we have included in our list:

  1. Macher Jhol

  2. Macher Jhol

    Bengal is famous for its Hilsa fish, which every Bengali is fond of. As the state is situated on the largest delta of Ganga and Brahmaputra, it has bountiful seawater and freshwater fish. Hilsa fish makes the famous Bengali cuisine 'Macher Jhol.’

    Machor Jhol is a traditional Bengali cuisine prepared using Hilsa fish, mustard seed paste, and green chillies. The fish is often seasoned with five spice mixture called “Panch Phoran.” The mixture includes cumin seeds, fenugreek, fennel, brown mustard, and nigella. 

    As far as the Machor Jhol recipe is concerned, the fish is first fried and then added to a spicy jhol or gravy made using spices and other ingredients. You can enjoy 'macher jhol' with basmati rice or chapatti of your choice.

  3. Mangshor Jhol 

  4. Mangshor Jhol

    It is a traditional Bengali mutton curry. Every Bengali household relishes a Sunday brunch comprising rice and this classic mutton curry. Tender mutton in a thin curry accompanying traditional spices is the comfort food one needs to treat their taste buds. 

    Fat (Rogan) emanates from the cooked mutton pieces flat at the top, which gives it an incredible colour. It’s best to be combined with ‘bhaat’ (either cooked basmati rice or regular rice) or traditional Indian bread (chapatti).

  5. Aloo Posto 

  6. aaloo posto

    This classic Bengali cuisine includes lightly spiced potatoes cooked with poppy seeds (khas khas) paste. This comfort food makes a great combination of rice and dal. Using onions and garlic is optional. The main ingredients of this traditional Bengali dish are poppy seeds.

    Make sure to use only fresh poppy seeds for a flavorsome aloo posto.

  7. Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal

  8. Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal

    The next Bengali cuisine on our list is — Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal. Yes, fish is cooked with lentils. The fried fish head packed with roasted moong dal is what will fire up your hunger. No other Dal recipe is preferred as much as this one by Bengalis.

    This perfect dal is a staple at wedding lunches and more. Katla is the kind of fish favored by Bengalis for this recipe. 

  9. Shukto 

  10. Shukto

    Shukto is yet another Bengali cuisine showcasing the traditional side of Bengal. It's a warm, delicious amalgamation of various vegetables cooked till tender in mild spices. This home-cooked food is a treat to your taste buds, often yearn for "Ghar Ka Khana.”

    The vegetables used in this recipe are flat beans, sweet potatoes, drumsticks, green plantains, bitter gourd, raw papaya, and potatoes. For spices, the recipe includes bay leaf and panch phoran. For the base, it features freshly ground coconut milk.  

    Based on your likes, you can add sundried lentil dumplings.

    And when it comes to relishing this famous Bengali cuisine, use basmati rice, regular rice, or chapatti. 

  11. Dhokar Dalna

  12. Dhokar Dalna

    Dhokar is a Bengali lentil cake curry prepared from split chickpeas. The chickpeas are grounded first and then soaked into a curry from potatoes and spices like hing, cumin seeds, ginger chilli paste, and bay leaf. This is a star cuisine when it comes to Bengali foods.

    It is often cooked on religious festivals and days when abstinence is practiced. This dish tastes best with steamed rice. The gravy includes satvik ingredients with no tresses of onions or garlic. 

  13. Misti Pulao 

  14. Misti Pulao

    Misti Pulao or Ghee Bhat is a traditional rice that tastes sweet and includes the goodness of vegetables. This palatable food is ideal for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. 

    Misti Pulao is made either from basmati rice or gobindbhog rice. The veggies that it includes are beans, carrots, cashews, and raisins.  


Now you see Bengali recipes are full of flavors. From sweet to spicy, there are various Bengali cuisines to satiate your taste buds. 

Don’t forget to share your favorite Bengali food in the comment section.

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