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Jashn E Rasoi Super rice features long and slender grains perfect for delicious rice recipes. It’s low on calories. The fluffier and softer texture leaves a good taste.
  • Long, Slender Grain Long, Slender Grain
  • Golden pale Colour Golden pale Colour
  • Great Taste Great Taste
  • Soft & Fluffy Soft & Fluffy

About this item

  • Rich in natural aroma
  • Slender and long grains
  • Fluffy and soft texture
  • Low on calories

Product Description

Jashn E Rasoi Super rice features long and slender grains. It becomes fluffier and softer in texture upon cooking. It can be used to cook various flavourful recipes. As it's easily digestible, you can use it every day.

Product Information Technical Details

Speciality Suitable for Vegeterian
Brand Jashn Foods
Item Weight 10000/30000 Grams
Package Information Bag
Variety Basmati
Region of Origin India
Product Dimension 26.7 x 12.3 x 5.7 cm; 10/30 kilograms
Manufacturer Savannah Consumer Product Pvt. Ltd

Customer Reviews

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अच्छे लाल शर्मा
स्वाद का नया आयाम और चावल बनाने का नया तरीका!

जश्न ए रसोई सुपर राइस का स्वाद अद्भुत है, इसके लंबे और सूखे हुए अनाज के दाने हमारे पुराने चावल बनाने के तरीके को और भी सुधारते हैं।

Elevated Dining!

Jashn E Rasoi Super rice adds a touch of refinement to my meals. The naturally aged, slender grains transform each dish into a culinary masterpiece. This rice is the hidden gem that ensures a genuinely gratifying dining experience, turning every meal into a moment of culinary excellence.

Your Gateway to Elevated Cooking

This exceptional grain is a cooking revelation, bringing a new level of flavor and texture to your dishes. It's a game-changer that every kitchen enthusiast should explore for a truly transformative cooking experience

Steamed rice

Jashn E Rasoi Super rice is perfect for cooking simple steamed rice. The grains cook up fluffy and separate, and they have a nutty flavor that enhances the taste of any meal

Amit Wadhwa
Taking Culinary Delight to New Heights

Jashn E Rasoi Super rice has elevated my rice dishes to a whole new level.

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