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9 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Rice

A healthy diet is one with high nutritional value, providing you with the minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients required to protect your body. As against the myth that consuming rice is unhealthy, you’ll be surprised to learn that health experts & nutritionists recommend eating a rice meal at night.

Rice is a go-to staple that starts bestowing you with abundant health benefits once you start including it in your diet. It’s delicious, and I am sure you will also love to have it. Also, rice makes a terrific side dish and works as the main platter. You can eat it with many things like vegetables, meat, and tofu, to name a few. All the health-conscious eaters out there, for whom high-quality and protein-rich rice is mandatory; we are going to shed some light on it. Keep reading to unfold the health benefits of eating rice.

  1. It’s Gluten-Free & Natural Anti-Inflammatory
    If you have gluten sensitivities, rice is the best option for you as it's gluten-free! In addition, people who have celiac disease can include rice in their diet.
    As it is gluten-free, you won't face inflammation. However, it's essential to ease inflammation throughout the body, and that's why rice is considered the best dietary option.

  2. Great Source of Energy
    Whenever you feel tired, just grab a bowl full of rice (either white or brown)!
    Carbohydrates act as fuel for our bodies — it’s no mystery! When this nutrient enters the body, it changes into energy. The healthy carbohydrates found in rice not only turn into energy but also streamline the brain's functioning. The brain takes and utilizes this energy well.
    Other components of rice, such as minerals, vitamins, etc., boost up the metabolic activities in the body.

  3. Improves Nervous System
    The nervous system of our bodies depends on various Vitamin B nutrients to function properly. These nutrients help in producing neurotransmitters that regulate the biological process of the body.
    Rice is an excellent source of Vitamin B. Eating rice helps you improve the functioning of your nervous system.

  4. Prevents Constipation
    Are you facing digestive issues? Don’t worry! You can deal with it by including rice in your meals. One ounce of uncooked rice contains six grams of fiber. The high-fiber property is what makes it helpful in reducing constipation. Rice is a natural diuretic that helps eliminate water from your body.
    Those suffering from high blood pressure can take advantage of it. Its diuretic property frequents urination, removing uric acid from the body and keeping your kidneys healthy.
    When you urinate frequently, your body needs enough water to keep you hydrated.

  5. Prevents Obesity
    People think that eating rice is inviting obesity. But that's not true at all! Rice is low in cholesterol, sodium, and fat content, which significantly reduces obesity.
    Helps Reduce Cancer Risks
    Consuming rice, which has high-fiber content, helps in reducing cancer risks. The high-fiber property also helps in digestion, ensuring a healthy digestive tract. It means the body waste will not stay there for a more extended period.
    Also, it will reduce the risk of colorectal and intestinal cancer.

  6. Excellent Protein Source
    Rice is an excellent source of protein that your body needs. Consuming brown or white rice keeps your protein level stable. A cup of cooked brown rice contains 5.54 grams of protein, while a cup of cooked white rice contains 4.3 grams of protein.
    Hence, when you consume rice with other protein-rich vegetarian food, you supplement it.

  7. Great for Skin Care
    You might be amazed to know that rice is great for skincare! You can either consume or apply rice. For a typical skincare solution, you can apply its powered form that works as a great exfoliator. Rice water is used to treat skin conditions too. It cools off the inflamed skin.
    The water of brown rice, due to its phenolic compound, reduces redness and alleviates skin irritation. Also, the antioxidants found in it slow down the process of aging.
    It is used topically to cure other skin conditions as well. Rice water is another way to use rice as a topical solution for skincare. For example, you can use rice water to cool off your inflamed skin.

  8. Promotes Heart-Health
    What are natural ways to improve the health of your heart? Well, the answer is — eating rice regularly!
    As said earlier, rice has natural anti-inflammatory properties. This property helps in dropping the depositing rate of atherosclerotic plaque in the blood vessels. This reduces the risk of strokes or heart attack. Both — brown and white rice have these benefits, but brown rice is better in promoting cardiovascular health.

Consuming rice regularly means you’re reaping many health benefits! From protein to low sodium and high fiber, it is full of many nutrients. So choose from basmati, brown, or white rice according to your likes, and be ready to reap its benefits!